Practice the use of lean startup methods to progress smarter and faster.
Case studies, collaborative excercises. Adult learning the way it should  be.


These Lean Startup workshops encourage accelerated learning. Participants are often busy people who cannot waste time by listening to lectures. 'Learn by doing' at the speed of a rapidly moving startup.


Another key principle we emphasize is collaborative learning. Participants learn in teams that  work on cases studies with support of facilitators. Diverse perspectives and team dynamics enhance learning.


Each half-day workshop focuses strictly on one theme. Participants self-discover the theory behind the workshop theme during excercises. 'Focus as a skill' is a key 'focus' for these startup workshops.


We use a suite of open source Practical Startup Tools that are available to participants to help them progress in builidng their high-growth startup in a  lean way.


Learning through failure and iteration is one of the key methods we have found work well in adult learning context. Iterations help particiants learn how to manage uncertainty. 


The workshops are challenging but participants leave with their mindsets shifted and internalised methods to practice lean startup innovation!


  • “I found the Customer Validation and Business Model generation workshops to be excellent. I thought the balance of theory and practical hands on experience to be spot on. I was impressed by what could actually be achieved in the time frame. The CSIRO cohort all found the session really valuable.”

    November 2015 CSIRO Customer Validation and Business Model Workshops Participant
  • “This was a great hands on workshop that presented quality methodology in a dynamic and practical way. The group work and learning by doing was really effective to both learn and practice the material and the facilitators not only kept the pace moving, but brought their experience and skills to improve the learning experience.”

    September 2015 Customer Validation Workshop Participant
  • “An inspiring workshop that was fast-paced, hands-on and fun. Delivered by passionate presenters with practical business experience. I'd definitely recommend it to any entrepreneurs developing a business model..”

    July 2015 Business Model Workshop Participant
  • “I found Petr positive, engaging, responsive and flexible. He was well across the content and kept to time. He was able to build trust in a disparate group in what was a short workshop and guided us when we were off message or had confused some concepts. Having the benefit of Craig's skills and experience was a bonus. I will recommend this enterprise. Thank you!.”

    LISA M.
    February 2016 Customer Validation Workshop Partcipant
  • “Great introduction to methodical thinking that is applicable not just to setting up a company but also to introducing new solutions in a workplace and developing the self-discipline to test one's own assumptions. Also, quite obviously, a neat and practical way to commence thinking about one's own entrepreneurial idea..”

    BRIDI R.
    June 2016 Customer Validation Workshop Participant
  • “The approach taken by working with the practical case studies and then actually making real sales calls is so bold that it really pushes you out of your comfort zone. However, it does provide a powerful subjective reality that you can really learn from. At the same time the process is conducted in the safe context of a workshop with experienced facilitators that know exactly what you are going through..”

    April 26 Selling to Grow Workshop Participant
  • “This lean product development training is essential for every startup. Get your minimum viable product concept planned and on paper in less than a day.”

    MEGAN G.
    April 2016 Product Development Workshop Participant
  • “I found the pace and rich content invigorating, and a great opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs.”

    ALIX O.
    April 2016 Product Development Workshop Participant
  • ““Indispensable insights and methodology on how to develop a product to match the market's needs.”

    BEN O.
    February 2016 Customer Validation Workshop Partcipant
  • “The facilitators were excellent, with really practical, real world advice. There were no egos which was excellent. If you are planning to raise capital for your start up, you have to do this workshop!”

    BEN B.
    August 2016 Raising Capital & Termsheet Negotiation Workshops Participant
  • “If you are new to raising capital, or like me you have done it before Nick with the support of Petr and Craig will help you focus your efforts in this workshop. Delivering a methodology, teaching you the lexicon and applying it to your business in a fun and collaborative environment. I could not more highly recommend the experience.”

    August 2016 Raising Capital & Termsheet Negotiation Workshops Participant
  • “Excellent workshop with lots of good advice given. Great practical exercises that encouraged learning through feedback from others in a relaxed and friendly environment. The firendly environment was important for the nature of the workshop as we were presenting and receiving feedback/constructive criticism.”

    MIKE L.
    April 2016 Pitching Workshop Participant


Is your idea big enough? Are you addressing a 'problem worth solving'. Will customers  and stakeholders care? How will you change the world?


What problem are you solving for the customers? Who are the customers? 'How much' do they care about your solution? Is it a growth-ready opportunity?


How do you charge? What do you need to have in place (and does it work together) to deliver value to customers in a repeatable and scalable way?


What is the minimum amount of features you need to deliver value that will excite customers?  How will you design it and put it together?


Selling is the pulse of any business. Without sales, it is not a business, it is a hobby. Learn how to sell effectivvely and in a lean way when your product
is not perfect.


Innovation brings about change that needs to be communicated. How do you extract what matters and describes the essence without the fluff? How do you achieve the outcome you desire?


What does the capital process look like? Where are the money and how do you attract it into your business? How can you start talking to investors today and how do you 'close' them?


What are good and bad investor terms? How do you negotiate a deal that is a 'win:win' and sets the company for future growth? Learn how to lead investment negotiations like a pro.

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